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*Pek Sampaikan Daripadaku*

*Pek Sampaikan Daripadaku*


Support Perdaus' year-end fundraising with $100 with a "Sampaikan Daripadaku" pack!

Each order will go a long way in assisting Perdaus with our operations costs and spreading our dakwah efforts.

We have a limited amount of these packs, so pre-order now! They make perfect gift set too.

Each "Sampaikan Daripadaku" pack comprises:
- 2023 Perdaus small desktop calendar,
- "Sampaikan Daripadaku", a thoughtful and easy-to-read book on dakwah by the esteemed Ust Dr Muhammad Haniff Hassan,
- Perdaus corporate notebook,
- Tote bag

Preorders open till 30 November 2022, and will be sent to you using SmartPac between mid to end December 2022.

SKU: FR Pack 2022
Categories: Donation/Fund Raising

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