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PERDAUS Bake Sale!

PERDAUS Bake Sale!


Support Perdaus, and at the same time, support Home-Based Businesses (HBBs) and local businesses too!

For only $50, pre-order a taster menu pack from 7 different vendors!

Choose between a pick-up at Imad Perdaus Bedok, or delivery for a flat fee of $10 on 11 December 2022.

Preorders open till Sunday, 4 December 2022.

Each HBB Bakes Taster Pack consists of:
- 4 pieces mini artisanal tarts (Tartistry)
- 4 red velvet bites (Classy Treats)
- 4 fudgy brownies (triplea.bakes)
- 2 individually packed scones (iamummidarwisy)
- 40g packet of mixed cookies (somemore.byk)
- 2 spicy beef pies (yummybakes)
- 1 pouch of teh tarik (tehtarikshushbro)

We have a limited amount of these packs, so order now! They make great snacks for the weekends this school holiday season, and the perfect gift set too!

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